Code Program Name Start Finish Scheduled Cost (Yen) Location Deadline Document Status
(Turkish) TEBI (Turkish) The Program on Eco Business Innovation (Turkish) 03.10.19 (Turkish) 16.10.19 (Turkish) 118.445 (Turkish) Osaka (Turkish) 13.08.19 Click for Download
(Turkish) PQPS (Turkish) The Program for Quality Problem Solving (Turkish) 16.09.19 (Turkish) 27.09.19 (Turkish) 114.207 (Turkish) Tokyo (Turkish) 16.07.19 Click for Download
(Turkish) PPTP (Turkish) The Training Program on Program & Project Management (Turkish) 07.11.19 (Turkish) 20.11.19 (Turkish) 117.627 (Turkish) Tokyo (Turkish) 03.09.19 Click for Download
(Turkish) LDTP (Turkish) The Leadership Development Training Program (Turkish) 28.10.19 (Turkish) 08.11.19 (Turkish) 98.338 (Turkish) Tokyo (Turkish) 26.08.19 Click for Download
(Turkish) EPCM The Executive Program on Corporate Management 10.07.19 23.07.19 117.444 Tokyo 20.05.19 Click for Download
(Turkish) PQM (Turkish) The Program for Quality Management (Turkish) 04.09.19 (Turkish) 17.09.19 (Turkish) 118.747 (Turkish) Tokyo (Turkish) 01.07.19 Click for Download

*Excluded flight costs between Turkey-Japan

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